How do I book?
Call us on 0800 683 626 or click here to book online      Read More
  Where does Loven operate?
Presently Loven operates in the Auckland, Hamilton, Cambridge, Tauranga and Christchurch regions       Read More
  Why should I use Loven?
Loven only uses 100% certified eco-friendly New Zealand made products, so there are no caustic or toxic products used. You do not have to worry about toxic fumes or unsafe chemicals being used in your harm and your appliances can be used straight away. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and finish every time.We guarantee you will fall back in love with your oven.      Read More
  What can Loven do that I can't?
Loven specialises in a providing an unbelievable clean and professional service every time, whether your appliance is an oven, range, hob, microwave, extractor or BBQ. We guarantee our trained team of professional cleaners will give you unbeatable service and clean unmatched by other companies.      Read More
  Can Loven clean self-cleaning ovens?
Yes, our technicians are trained in cleaning all models of self-cleaning ovens. There's no replacing a deep hygienic clean which reaches parts of your oven no machine can.      Read More
  Does Loven carry spare parts?
Loven carries a wide range of replacement bulbs. We can point you in the right direction for ordering replacement seals, hinges and extraction filters.      Read More
  How often will my oven need cleaning?
This will depend on the amount of usage your oven receives. A normal small family oven will generally benefit from a Loven visit every 6 months. For heavy usage we recommend a quarterly clean and for low usage we recommend an annual clean.      Read More
  What specialist training do your Loven technicians have?
Loven offers the highest standard in oven cleaning nationwide. Your appliances are in safe hands with Loven, all of our technicians have been trained thoroughly and specialise in all makes and models of appliances.       Read More
  Are all Loven technicians insured?
All Loven technicians have full public liability insurance.      Read More
  How long has Loven been established?
Loven has been operating successfully since 2010 with over 16,000 happy customers nationwide. The unique non-toxic, kiwi made and environmentally friendly system we use have been proven for over 20 years.      Read More
  Can Loven clean my Oven when I am at work or not at home?
Yes we are happy to clean your Oven when you are away from home. Our trusted team members are used to working in homes when the owners are away or at work. All our technicians have worked for us for several years and are fully police checked for your security.      Read More